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Daily Journal Insert of the ME Growth Journal. Start developing your miracle morning and evening journal routine with this daily insert, which helps you to complete the stages of meditation, affirmation, visualisation and scribing.

This daily journal insert is all you need for cultivating daily personal growth consistently and systematically. Scientifically-designed, functional, fillable and printable – all on one page!

Keep a record of your daily thoughts and evaluation. You will be surprised to see where you were in a few months’ or years’ time and how much you have experienced!

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The one-page daily journal is split into morning session and nighttime session.

Morning: In only a few minutes, our daily journal helps you start your day with joy, positivity and energy.

Night: Wrap up your day by reviewing all the things that happened throughout the day. Jot down the great things and gratitude and, evaluate how you can do better the next day.

Our daily journal insert is a great tool to use in conjunction with therapy and mental health wellness.

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This daily journal is part of The ME Growth Planner Series. The ME Growth Planner Series features minimalist design and functionality – applying theories and proven techniques in our daily life.

Therefore, this daily journal insert (as a member of The ME Growth Planner Series) is designed with ONLY the most essential and necessary elements that you will need to achieve more personal growth and for daily self-evaluation.

The daily journal can be used independently and in conjunction with our other products (https://www.etsy.com/hk-en/shop/MindElevator?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=812715306) as an insert.

To learn more about us, you can visit us at https://mindelevator.com/.

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This daily journal insert is digital and in printable and fillable PDF. It fits well with other PDF editing app/software.

It is also a iPad journal designed to fit with GoodNotes and Notability on iPad Pro.

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➤ 1 US Letter size fillable daily journal PDF: digital and fillable, usable on iPad (Notability, GoodNotes), Mac and Windows (PDF editing software))

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➤ This is an item that can be purchased and accessed immediately.
➤ You may use a PDF editing tool to use this product or to print the downloaded file at home or at a printing shop
➤ You will be provided with a download link via Etsy and via email upon payment.

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