Personal Growth Planning Workbook


The Personal Growth Planning Workbook helps you conduct a SWOT analysis, identify areas of growth, make SMART goals and turn your goals into a year plan.

Planning is a key phase in the Personal Growth Model. The Personal Growth Planning Workbook is the tool you need to plan effectively.

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What is included in the Planning Workbook?

In this workbook, you are going to get planner templates to help you map out your goals and attain personal growth by:

  1. Conducting a SWOT analysis
  2. Identifying areas of growth
  3. Making SMART goals
  4. Turning your goals into a year plan

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How can I use the Workbook?

This Personal Growth Workbook is a PDF document. We recommend you to use it by:

  • Printing it out and using it as a physical copy;
  • Using it on an iPad with apps like Notability and GoodNote; and
  • Editing it on PDF editors on computers.
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