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11-page Routines & Habits Set to help you develop good habits and build a healthy lifestyle!

Do you know that building good habits is the first step to success and wellness? This Routines & Habits Set is made specifically for you to live a healthier, happier and more successful life!

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The Routines & Habits Set is created on personal growth theories and proven productivity techniques. They are part of The ME Growth Planner Series.

We specifically incorporated the miracle morning routine written by Hal Elrod and the Habit Loop proposed by James Clear to help you effectively build habits that are constructive to your life and health.

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All of our planner templates are designed to be functional with minimalist design.

Backed with science and proven techniques, our Habits & Routines Set are designed to include ONLY the most essential and necessary elements that you will need to boost productivity and achieve more growth.

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The Habits & Routines Set is in printable and fillable PDFs.

They are also IPad planners designed to fit with GoodNotes and Notability on Ipad Pro.

We have US Letter size available.

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➤ Morning & Night Routine
➤ Weekly Routine
➤ Weekly Schedule
➤ Daily Routine
➤ Habit Tracker
➤ Weekly Habits
➤ Weekly Tracker
➤ Monthly Tracker

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➤ 1 US Letter PDF for printing and interactive use (fillable) (e.g. iPad (Notability, GoodNotes), Mac and Windows (PDF editing software))

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